NFTs FOMO Lives On: New NFT Polkamon Trades at $140k at Launch

Polkamon, the popular NFT and digital collectibles platform incubated by Moonrock Capital, saw one of its first NFTs trade for

Leading Tokens That Use the Most Popular Standard ERC-20

The Dark Side of Ethereum

Economist: Ethereum To Repeat Bitcoin Rally To $20K, According To Metcalfe’s Law

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Bitcoin Prepares To Paint Its Largest Daily Candle In History,

Bitcoin price is trading at over $33,000 at the time of this writing, but that’s nearly $9,000 away from the high it set days ago. And while the cryptocurrency is still well above 2020 prices,


Breaking down the 20% Bitcoin market crash: over $2.8 billion

It’s been a bloody past day for the Bitcoin and broader crypto market. Early this weekend, the cryptocurrency market was gunning for new all-time highs: Ethereum had pushed to $1,350, altcoins were up by double


Bitcoin Broadening Wedge Formation Indicates Crash Below $30,000

Bitcoin prices fell on Monday, after plunging by more than 12 percent in the previous session, as the US dollar rebounded and US benchmark yields inched higher, denting the flagship cryptocurrency’s safe-haven appeal. Spot BTC/USD


Parabolic Bitcoin market cap sees BTC briefly top Facebook valuation

A fantastic run of form from Bitcoin has resulted in a new all-time high market cap of over $760 billion. Gemini Exchange Co-founder Cameron Winklevoss pointed out that this now puts Bitcoin above Facebook in

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