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As Bitcoin price sees sub-$30K, do bears control the BTC

In the past 48 hours, Bitcoin has tested the $30,500 support level on two occasions. Historically, when a major support area is tested repeatedly, it often breaks. On the third retest on Jan. 27, Bitcoin broke below $30,000. However, $30,000 is a highly important support level for BTC, and hence, whales might try to buy […]Read More


What’s next for Bitcoin price after $35K? Bulls and bears

Bitcoin price reached a new all-time high at $35,776 on Binance on Jan. 6. Following the explosive overnight uptrend of Bitcoin (BTC), on-chain analysts are generally optimistic about the short-term trajectory. While many agree that the rally is beginning to show signs of overheating, it is not overbought just yet. The major catalyst behind Bitcoin’s […]Read More