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Terra (LUNA) is in full expansion with over $1.9 billion

Blockchain project Terra and its native token LUNA have quickly moved from the sidelines to the forefront of DeFi. With over $1.9 billion in TVL, it’s the fifth largest blockchain project, trailing closely behind Avalanche. With several major fundamental developments underway, LUNA saw its price increase by over 50% in the past week, with industry […]Read More


El Salvador is building a $1 billion Bitcoin City as

Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, announced that the country will be building a carbon-neutral Bitcoin City. The city will have no property, income, or capital gains taxes, and the massive endeavor will be partly financed by a $1 billion Bitcoin bond issued by Blockstream. And while the move was celebrated in the crypto […]Read More


Moonbeam wins Polkadot’s second parachain auction with $1.4 billion pledged

Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform, has won the second parachain auction on Polkadot. According to the company’s announcement, over 35 million DOT, worth approximately $1.4 billion. Unprecedented community support helps Moonbeam secure a two-year slot on Polkadot After losing the last parachain auction to Acala, Moonbeam has now emerged as a winner of Polkadot’s […]Read More


There’s over $4.2 billion locked in Ethereum layer-2 protocols

According to data from analytics platform L2BEAT, there has never been more value locked in Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solutions. With increasing gas fees driving the adoption of networks such as Arbitrum, Optimism, and Loopring, layer-2 TVL increased by more than 44% in less than a month. Users pour their money into L2s as Ethereum fees […]Read More


The IRS seized $4 billion worth of Bitcoin and other

Despite the fact that a large percentage of all funds seized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in this fiscal year came from cryptocurrency, the agency has projected that it could be able to confiscate more billions from the same source by the next fiscal year.  This was revealed via the recently released report of […]Read More


Over $18.24 billion transacted on Cardano in a single day

Cardano’s silent rivalry with Ethereum seems to be gaining traction as the on-chain transaction volume seen on its blockchain almost doubles that of the network of the second largest crypto asset by market cap. Cardano’s on-chain transaction volume behind only that of BTC According to data from Messari, a leading crypto forensic platform, Cardano’s on-chain […]Read More


Venture funds poured over $6.5 billion into crypto in Q3

According to CB Insights,  VC funding for crypto globally was up 384% from the same 9 month period last year. Global VC for this year alone reached an incredible $15 billion.  Coinbase Ventures was the most active crypto investor in the third quarter by a significant margin with 24 deals, while CMT Digital and Polychain […]Read More


American payments firm Square logs over $1 billion in Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey’s Square in its recent quarterly earnings report has revealed that the firm made $1.8 billion in Bitcoin revenue and $42 million in profits.  Square’s Bitcoin quarterly revenue dips for the second time this year  According to the report, the $1.8 billion Bitcoin revenue the company made within the last quarter is an 11% […]Read More


Bitcoin transfer volumes hit record $15 billion per day in

October marked a very busy but prosperous month for the digital gold as Bitcoin recorded a new ATH in daily transfer volumes. This is a direct reflection of the degree of activity the network experiences and an obvious indication of the network’s growing value. Bitcoin moved $15 billion per day in October Per Glassnode’s analysis […]Read More