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IOHK shuts down Cardano FUD after ‘1 transaction per block’

Cardano smart contracts are readying for rollout in less than a week. But, deep in the testnet phase, it’s emerged that a “quirk” in its eUTxO model may lead to issues of concurrency. What does this mean? eUTxO stands for extended unspent transaction output. These systems comprise the asset, smart contract, and additional on-chain data […]Read More


Cardano (ADA) gives unequivocal no to vaccine passports for these

Several crypto projects, including Icon (ICX) and VeChain (VET), are rolling out features to accommodate vaccine passports. But Cardano will not be joining them in providing this technology. During a recent live stream, Input Output Global (IOG) CEO Charles Hoskinson echoed the misgivings of many people by saying he’s worried that vaccine passports may be […]Read More


Cardano (ADA) broke $3 today. Here are the top reasons

Cardano (ADA) crossed the $3 mark for the first time in its history this morning, reaching a marketcap of as much as $99.6 billion at press time and frenzied activity on social mediums. The move came as smart contracts—a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into […]Read More


Last week saw highest Cardano (ADA) inflows, while Bitcoin outflows

According to the latest report from CoinShares, the rebound seen in digital asset fund inflows spells good news for the industry as it indicates the market might be entering a bullish period. The report, which analyzes weekly flows into digital asset funds, found that digital asset investment products saw a second consecutive week of inflows […]Read More


Cardano (ADA) infrastructure is ‘green and go’ ahead of smart

Cardano’s (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson announced that the platform is ready for the last stage preceding the final launch of the full smart contract compatibility on the mainnet. As the network steadily and without delay approaches the major upgrade completion, Hoskinson continues with regular updates, keeping the Cardano community in the loop about the Alonzo […]Read More


Cardano (ADA) to launch Ethereum ERC-20 convertor on testnet shortly

The highly anticipated Cardano ERC-20 convertor will soon launch on testnet. Francisco Landino, Project Manager at Input Output Global (IOG), made the announcement during the latest episode of Cardano 360. Most view the ERC-20 convertor as an essential component in outdoing Ethereum. The thinking behind the concept was always to offer application developers on Ethereum […]Read More


Cardano Foundation (ADA) signs on Coinfirm to comply with FATF

Cardano Foundation is an independent non-profit that supervises the advancement of Cardano (ADA), while protecting and promoting the protocol’s technology. The Swiss-based foundation recently announced that it has selected a major crypto intelligence and blockchain analytics provider Coinfirm to bolster the security of Cardano, while overseeing the network’s compliance with the Financial Action Task Force’s […]Read More