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Going beyond marketplaces to deliver unique content

The beginning of 2021 was marked by an unprecedented high interest in nonfungible token, or NFT, technology in various fields, the peak of which occurred in March. Nowadays, news about art deals with NFTs appears every day. What is more interesting is that NFTs are becoming fashionable among people who were previously ignorant of crypto.  […]Read More


A new era of content monetization? Blockchain tech can get

By doing so, they have helped regular people become known celebrities, many of whom now hold more influence than TV networks and print media outlets. The same can be said for music streaming services like Spotify and iTunes, which now allow musicians to skip record label deals and simply upload their songs directly to platforms […]Read More


How we can use timestamping content on the blockchain to

Can you trust what you read on the internet? Ideally, we’d be in a world where the answer to this question is an immediate “Yes.” But we know there’s a lot of distrust in what’s on the internet. It’s not because all internet content is untrustworthy. It’s because there’s been such deception through fake news, […]Read More