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Cryptocurrency custody gives commercial banks a foothold in the market

Custody services aren’t the most compelling corner of the crypto ecosystem, but 21st-century solutions for storing and safekeeping digital assets are critical if cryptocurrencies are to achieve widespread adoption.  For that reason, Cowen Inc.’s recent announcement that the 103-year old United States investment bank wants to hold crypto on behalf of asset managers and hedge […]Read More


American institution Citibank is building a crypto trading and custody

American multinational investment bank Citigroup is reportedly developing crypto-related services such as trading, custody, and financing due to rapidly growing interest from clients. According to a Financial Times report published today, the bank hasn’t yet decided when—if ever—it will actually offer its clients crypto services but is preparing for such eventuality nevertheless. Clients’ interest in […]Read More


Silicon Valley VCs and BNY Mellon announce $170 million investment

The Bank of New York Mellon, known as BNY Mellon, is one of several investment firms investing in Fireblocks, a startup platform for digital asset custody. Fireblocks will raise  $170 million in its Series C venture capital investment, according to Forbes. BNY Mellon plans to use Fireblocks’ technology for its custodian services, in an attempt […]Read More