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Block production on Cardano is now fully decentralized

IOHK, the company behind the blockchain, will no longer participate in the production of blocks, making Cardano the only truly community-run network on the market. The decentralization of Cardano is now successfully completed Since the launch of Shelley in July last year, Cardano has been on the road towards complete decentralization. However, bringing the decentralization […]Read More


How decentralized exchange can benefit from the aftermath of the

Since the apex of the GameStop saga, Robinhood has acknowledged its capital issues, raised $3.4 billion, and its co-CEO Vlad Tenev has called for the end of T+2 settlement. As defined by Wikipedia, T+2 settlement is “a shorthand for trade date plus two days indicating when securities transactions must be settled.” Analyzing the flaws of […]Read More


Charles Hoskinson tells Jack Dorsey that Cardano is working on

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, called on Jack Dorsey not to create a decentralized social media standard within Twitter. He said that Dorsey’s Blue Sky project should be made open-source so that the entire crypto industry can contribute to it. In the exchange, Hoskinson revealed that IOHK was working on a mysterious project that […]Read More


Brave Releases Update on its Decentralized Ad Platform

In a June blog post, the team behind Brave, the open-source browser known for its privacy and unique advertising model, published a straw version of one of its research initiatives. The initiative is an ad platform called ‘THEMIS.’ Themis is a decentralized and private-by-design protocol that aims to improve upon the current Brave ad ecosystem. […]Read More