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China’s tech giants drive digital yuan adoption

While key central bank figures in the West like Jerome Powell and Christine Lagarde appear to be procrastinating on the subject of central bank digital currencies, China continues to make significant progress. China’s digital currency electronic payment project, or DCEP, helmed by the country’s central bank, continues to draw significant private sector participation. From tech […]Read More


Lost And Found: Man Recovers Bitcoin From Hard Drive Burned

Bitcoin is once again in the news, the subject of internet chatter, and watercoolor talk. It is for the first time also the darling of Wall Street, beating out every other financial asset under the sun. The media blitz, rising price, and widespread FOMO has those who have lost Bitcoin in the past feeling the […]Read More


Enterprise blockchain trends that will drive adoption in 2021

The year 2020 has been monumental for the blockchain sector, especially in regards to financial markets. Yet, while the price of Bitcoin (BTC) reached new all-time highs this year, the enterprise blockchain space also welcomed in public networks, open-source code and a number of other elements not seen in previous years defined by private, closed […]Read More


Bullish crypto events of 2020 that will drive historic adoption

The year gone by had many ups and even more downs, mainly due to the global outbreak of a devastating virus that has crippled nations and killed millions. But for those in the crypto and blockchain community, 2020 finally showcased the true potential of the technology.  There were, arguably, more developments last year that will […]Read More