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Cardano (ADA) to launch Ethereum ERC-20 convertor on testnet shortly

The highly anticipated Cardano ERC-20 convertor will soon launch on testnet. Francisco Landino, Project Manager at Input Output Global (IOG), made the announcement during the latest episode of Cardano 360. Most view the ERC-20 convertor as an essential component in outdoing Ethereum. The thinking behind the concept was always to offer application developers on Ethereum […]Read More


Cardano’s parent company IOHK announces an Ethereum ERC20 token converter

Input Output, the technology firm and code maintainer of Cardano, released a new ‘converter’ today that allows users to bring ERC20 tokens (issued on Ethereum) to the Cardano blockchain. “Our incoming ERC20 converter will allow Ethereum-based tokens like AGI (SingularityNet) to run on our proof-of-stake blockchain,” the firm wrote, adding “Coming soon to testnet.” NEW […]Read More


Leading Tokens That Use the Most Popular Standard ERC-20

According to Ethereum data provider, Etherscan, there are currently over 830 projects which are based on the ERC-20 token standard with over 350,000 token contracts. This is undoubtedly the most popular standard for token issuance today. Some of the leading crypto projects with native tokens that are based on the ERC-20 framework include Chainlink (LINK), […]Read More


20 Ethereum ERC-20 tokens will be coming to Tezos (XTZ)

20 ERC-20 Tokens To Be Wrapped As FA2 Tokens (Including The Wrap Token) In the Wrap Protocol Whitepaper it was stated that the following assets would be available as whitelisted to be wrapped in Quarter 1: AAVE BUSD (Binance USD) CEL (Celcius) COMP (Compound) CRO (Crypto.com) FTT (FTX Token) HT (Huobi Token) HUSD (Huobi USD) […]Read More