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Swiss committee proposes banks hold a dollar for every dollar

Swiss committee proposes banks hold a dollar for every dollar in Bitcoin exposure Earn up to 12% APY on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, GBP, Stablecoins & more. Start Earning Interest Bitcoin › Switzerland › Regulation Banks will face the most strenuous requirements if they wish to be exposed to cryptocurrencies. Shaurya Malwa · June 10, […]Read More


$270 billion fund Guggenheim is seeking Bitcoin exposure, SEC filing

Guggenheim Partners, one of the world’s largest fund managers with $270 billion in client assets under management, is seeking exposure to Bitcoin as part of a new fund, a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed yesterday. They are coming for Bitcoin The fund, officially the ‘Guggenheim Active Allocation Fund,’ will invest […]Read More


US bank BNY Mellon blames “no exposure to Bitcoin” for

US bank BNY Mellon says one of its technology-focused funds had underperformed the market because it wasn’t exposed to companies investing in Bitcoin, a filing from yesterday showed. As of the second quarter of 2020, BNY Mellon is the world’s largest custodian bank and asset servicing company, with over $2.0 trillion in assets under management […]Read More


JPMorgan offers BTC exposure, an ETF in sheep’s clothing

Cryptocurrency adoption has been penetrating the mainstream at an exponential rate. While most investors are going straight into buying the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), a few skeptical investors want to invest in the cryptocurrency economy without exposure to tokens’ volatility directly.  This volatility is evident in the recent all-time high Bitcoin of […]Read More


JP Morgan Builds Basket Of Companies With Bitcoin Exposure

MicroStrategy shares skyrocketed alongside the parabolic Bitcoin rally as investors rushed to gain exposure to the trending cryptocurrency any way they could. Banking on this demand, JP Morgan is planning to introduce a new investment product that is a basket of companies with some type of cryptocurrency market exposure. Here’s a deeper look at what […]Read More


Bitcoin naysayer JPMorgan creates ‘Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket’

The US bank is suddenly turning bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term growth after trying to shun it for years. Bitcoin the first time JPMorgan has created a “Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket” for clients looking to bet on companies working in the crypto space, a filing on Tuesday showed. The basket contains over 11 publicly-traded stocks with a […]Read More