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As some governments falter, others press on

With the crypto market turning up its pace of growth over the last year and a half, the idea behind central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) seems to have gained an increasing amount of traction among many governments and retail banking institutions. In this regard, as per a study recently released by consulting giant PwC, more […]Read More


Bitcoin Has Won Over Institutional Investors: Could Governments Be Next?

When Bitcoin surged to an all-time high of $17,000 in late 2017, the cryptocurrency headlined media outlets and financial journals — but not for the right reasons. Analysts and major institutional figureheads bashed and ostracized the promising digital asset, dubbing it a “fraud” and “useless as a payment system.” Not soon after, Bitcoin suffered a […]Read More


Is India The Start Of Governments Banning Bitcoin?

This week, it was revealed that India would seek to impose some of the most stringent rules globally on cryptocurrencies, banning citizens from owning, trading, transferring, or mining assets like Bitcoin and altcoins. The move comes as cryptocurrency technology captures the interest of the financial world, Bitcoin grows considerably, and India plans to introduce its […]Read More