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Reef Finance is iterating the ‘IDO’ Model with new ReefStarter

Cross-chain DeFi operating system, Reef Finance has released an Initial DEX Offerings launchpad on its Substrate-based blockchain, Reef Chain. Simply named the “ReefStarter”, the new offering is a decentralized IDO platform empowering crypto projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. ReefStarter is the industry’s first IDO platform exclusively built to support the […]Read More


Brave Releases Update on its Decentralized Ad Platform

In a June blog post, the team behind Brave, the open-source browser known for its privacy and unique advertising model, published a straw version of one of its research initiatives. The initiative is an ad platform called ‘THEMIS.’ Themis is a decentralized and private-by-design protocol that aims to improve upon the current Brave ad ecosystem. […]Read More