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JPMorgan says Bitcoin’s true value is $35,000 amid price crash

JPMorgan research analysts have said that institutional investors are swapping Bitcoin for gold for the first time in six months. This is after crypto, including Bitcoin, took a major tumble dropping to lows just above $30,000. Earlier this year, JPMorgan analysts updated a Bitcoin price target to $130,000. According to Business Insider, they said that […]Read More


NANO price spike gives traders a chance to bet against

When Elon Musk’s ‘Bitcoin is bad for the environment’ tweet caused a flash crash of BTC and the majority of altcoins’ prices earlier this week, a handful of digital assets headed in the opposite direction, making huge gains amid the sea of red.  Those were the tokens that market themselves as environmentally friendly capitalizing on […]Read More


Cardano’s (ADA) price surges as devs recommend it to Tesla

The price of Cardano (ADA) has spiked to a new all-time of $1.96 today after the Cardano Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the cryptocurrency, asked Elon Musk to “get your people to talk to our people.” Cardano x Tesla: An obvious match? 🤔 A thread 🧵…#Cardano #CardanoCommunity #Blockchain pic.twitter.com/zJAlDV3muw — Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) May 13, […]Read More


Why did Ether price reach $3.5K, and what’s next?

The next few months promise to be exhilarating and decisive for Ether (ETH), as its recent all-time highs above $3,500 put an even bigger spotlight on the cryptocurrency and its smart contract blockchain, Ethereum. As the cryptocurrency markets continue to grow five months into 2021, both the preeminent Bitcoin (BTC) and a host of other […]Read More


Bitcoin price stalls in April, but $4.2B options expiry may

What’s interesting about this particular options expiry is that the current max pain price for the expiry is $54,000, which is very close to the current trading price. The max pain price is the price at which most options are rendered worthless, thus leading to the loss of the option premium for the options holders. […]Read More