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Cardano’s (ADA) price surges as devs recommend it to Tesla

The price of Cardano (ADA) has spiked to a new all-time of $1.96 today after the Cardano Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the cryptocurrency, asked Elon Musk to “get your people to talk to our people.” Cardano x Tesla: An obvious match? 🤔 A thread 🧵…#Cardano #CardanoCommunity #Blockchain pic.twitter.com/zJAlDV3muw — Cardano Foundation (@CardanoStiftung) May 13, […]Read More


BNB price surges as Binance Smart Chain grows in popularity

Binance Coin (BNB) has been on an absolute tear in the month of February. It traded at $48.93 on Feb. 1 and grew to trade at $304 at the time of publication, amounting to a 521% month-to-date gain and 707% year-to-date gain. This price rally has led BNB to become the third-largest cryptocurrency, with a $46.5 […]Read More


Cosmos (ATOM) surges 30% in past week on ‘Stargate’ launch

Cosmos, the high-speed interoperability platform, launched its much-awaited upgrade today. Here’s what it means. Stargate is here The much-awaited inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol launched on Cosmos today, as per an official tweet. Prices of ATOM, the project’s native token, bumped to over $24 in anticipation. Congratulations Cosmos community on the successful and ambitious Stargate upgrade. […]Read More


Aave surges 50%: What’s behind the meteoric rally?

AAVE, the native governance token of the Aave lending protocol, rose by over 50% within the past day. The rally comes as the entire DeFi market sees a major rally from an overall increase in appetite for the sector. The 30-minute price chart of Aave. Source: AAVEUSD on TradingView.com Why is DeFi and Aave rallying? […]Read More


Bitcoin surges a day after Grayscale reopens deposits, and it’s

The price of Bitcoin has recovered strongly overnight, rising from around $34,000 to $38,500. The 10% rally coincides with Grayscale reopening its products. Last month, Grayscale closed its products for new investors. Since Christmas, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust did not report any additional inflow as a result. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is the go-to investment […]Read More


Curve Collateral Surges to $1 Billion Following DAO Launch

Crypto collateral on the Curve Finance DeFi platform has spiked to almost a billion dollars propelling it up the total value locked list to third place. The influx of capital came after a rather perplexing deployment of its governance token and DAO on Thursday. Last week it was Yam—but now it’s Curve Finance’s taking the […]Read More


Litecoin Surges 20%, Will LTC Spark Another Major Crypto Rally?

One of today’s biggest movers on crypto markets is Litecoin. LTC has been relatively quiet in recent weeks when its big brother has taken the limelight, but today it has surged to $70. Crypto market momentum is still building as we round out another week. A further $10 billion has been added to total capitalization […]Read More